What's this all about then?

I'm Chris and I wanted to create a space where performers felt at home and are able to share their songs and stories in an intimate setting to a small and captive audience who, in turn, want to experience the raw and real sounds of musicians and songwriters up close. 


What makes this different from other music nights in the city?

Our night is different because it generally starts (and finishes) a lot earlier than most other gigs. Our acts all play completely unplugged so you get to hear what they really sound like, and we just serve coffee and cake, so there's no drunken heckling! The night's about hearing new music and seeing singer-songwriters in an intimate location.


When does ACC happen?

 At the moment we run occasional nights at Salvage Cafe in Hove. To keep up to date on when our next night is follow us on Facebook or Instagram and/or join our MAILING LIST 


Coffee not Beer!*

Okay, so most gigs you go to encourage you to have a beer in your hand. I'm one of those people, so I understand you may be slightly reluctant to come along where there is no promise of a tasty beer or glass of something.  But we start early and I wanted to offer something a little different to what you're perhaps used to.

Acoustic Coffee Club offers you the chance to sit and have a coffee and slice of cake while winding down from the working day.  Our nights generally start at 6pm and are done by around 7.45pm so you can either head home for a late dinner or hit the town and grab a drink afterwards.

 Can I book a table?

 It's first come first served at the moment, so make sure you arrive early and grab a comfy sofa, armchair or table after you've chosen a drink and slice of (amazing) cake.  


Can I pay for my coffee using my shiny debit/credit card?

It's cash only at Salvage Cafe, but don't worry if you forget, there's cashpoints directly outside of the cafe.


How do I apply to play at a future Acoustic Coffee Club?

Drop us a line via our CONTACT section of this site.